Home Addition, 2014

Trush Construction Company builds Unique Bay Area Homes and Home Additions

Sometimes our clients require a home addition to take care of a specific need. The retired couple that lived in this contemporary Sausalito home desired an elevator to transport them from the garage to the upper floors so that they would no longer have to climb stairs.The garage was on the first floor, the living room on the second floor, and the master bedroom on the third. The elevator would open up to both upper floors.

Trush Construction made an assessment of several locations on the property where the elevator and shaft could be installed. Once the final location was selected, we recommended the design and engineering team. We oversaw the development of the plans and performed periodic cost analysis throughout construction to ensure that the project remained within budget.

Because the home was built into the hillside, one and a half stories of the elevator shaft were underground. A 12’ cut was made into the hillside to accommodate the elevator shaft. The home addition was so well integrated with the original house that, at the end of the project, it couldn’t be detected as an addition.

Architect: Jacques Ullman
Builder: Shahram Ghodsian. Trush Construction Company

Trush Construction Company builds singularly unique Bay Area homes and home additions.